Shinobu Yukimura
Rōmaji Shinobu Yukimura
Alias Descendant Of God
Gender Male
Age 14
Height 167 cm
Weight 57 kg
Birthday December 17
Horoscope Saggitarius
Eyesight 1.8 (both eyes)
Bloodtype AB-
Family Father
Occupation Student
Affiliation Umineko Middle school
JTA Ranking


ITF Ranking NA
ATP Ranking NA
Middle School Umineko Middle School
Club Position


U-17 Training Camp No. 3 of All Japan Representative (former)
No.3 of World Cup Middle School Division
Dominant Arm Right
Play Style All Rounder
Doubles Partner(s) Shun Ushimashi
Raquet(s) Wing Heart (Forje Z 115)
Shoes Yonex Power Cushion 190



Shinobu is an androgynous-looking boy who is fancily dressed. Beautiful beyond all compare, he states that his hair ornaments, which seem like something a princess would wear, are an "irresistible proof of friendship" that he uses to restore peace to his depressively mad boon teamates, His appearance is said to be like the most handsome among the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne.


Shinobu is known as Athena's Champion due to his Divine Pressence of invincibility on the tennis court but also because he's only ever been beaten by Yukimura Seeichi known as the child of god.

Outside the court, Shinobu is a soft spoken and kind individual, if still proud and dignified. He also exhibits a calm, quiet and observant personality. He's rarely taken by surprise. However, once he steps inside the court he demonstrates strong willpower and a rather sarcastic but, brutally honest attitude. He is very strict with his team and refuses to lose as both a captain and a player. Sometimes, he likes to tease people he is close to such as Yukimura.


Playing Style and TechiquesEdit

Muga no Kyōchi (State of Self Actualization)

Shinobu is one of a few player's who have achieved Muga no Kyōchi, a state in which the user naturally intakes all techniques he sees and can perfectly copy them.

Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami (Pinnacle of Great Wisdom)

The second door of Muga no Kyōchi that Shinobu has opened, he can focus the power of Muga no Kyōchi into his brain, which allows him to be able to tell how many shots the current rally will take and who will win the point, giving him a form of foresight.



is a serve that Shinobu created through training. It is a high speed serve with lots of power put into it. It looks like a Large spear is flying towards to the opponent at about 240 m/h. The serve is almost impossible to return, and is unlike Shinobu's Technique focused style. He developed it, when he began focusing on heightening his physical capabilities in order to improve his overall offensive tennis skills and lack of height.

Gae Bolg

is Shinobu's regular go to serve. It is a high spin serve which will always be hit because of the spin. Put on it so it will bounce towards players. It looks like a small spear is flying towards the opponent. The serve is almost near-impossible to properly return making it easy to score points with. and matches Shinobu's Technique focused style.