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Seishin Ryuuki
Seishin Ryuuki
Name Seishin Ryuuki
Kanji 精神隆起
Romanji Ryuuki Seishin
School Rikkaidai
Birthday 4th October
Age 12 (Class 1A #4)
Gender Male
Height 1.66m
Weight 35kg
Eyes Amber
Hair Dark Blue
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Team Rikkaidai
Partner Rikkaidai Tennis Team Members
Signature Skill Underhand "Dragon" Serve

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Seishin Ryuuki (精神隆起, "Soul Rising") is a 1st Year in the Rikkaidai Tennis Team. Fathered by Yamato Ryuuki, a tennis legend, people believe that he may raise to be a greater tennis player than his father.


Seishin takes the appearance of a young man in his teens, who is moderately tall, and has a skinny but fit build, with black eyes and a cheerful face. He has spiky black hair, seemingly using gel to keep it so, and it's usually kept out of his face.

He wears a white tuxedo, however in an informal manner. He wears the coat in a fashion similar to a cape, the black shirt is kept mostly unbuttoned at the top and bottom, and reveals a purple shirt under this. With this he wears white pants, that is kept fitting with a standard black belt, and white shoes.


Seishin has a calm and laidback personality in the eyes of another, however, that is just a cover to what he truly feels inside. No matter how much pain he is in, he would still smile brightly. Most of the time, he is pressured by both his coach and his father, both of the mentioned expecting him to do as well as if not better than his father. While they expect something of him, his teammates tell him to do his best, and that's all he has to do. Seishin is greatly thankful for the balance he has and believes that if everything is balanced, the world will be a better place.

He was never this good in hiding his feelings, in fact, he couldn't hide his feelings at all when he was younger. As he grew older, the expectations increased and in order to not worry his teammates or anyone for that matter, he hides his feelings most of the time. Some of the only times where he is actually happy is when he wins a game or when someone recognizes his talent. No matter what his opponents tell him, Seishin doesn't care, and has fun playing nevertheless. No matter how many times he lost to his father, he kept trying and trying to beat him.

With Kirihara as the new captain of the team and the Big Three coming back to help ocassionally, Seishin has been greatly improving under their supervision. Training with Kirihara Akaya the most, Seishin has also developed a sadistic side of himself, shown only when he is under a lot of stress or when he is extremely angered. It was first seen in a friendly match with a second year in Seigaku, whom said that Seishin would never be able to compare to Echizen Ryoma. Seishin always hated being called the Ryoma "counter-part" of Rikkaidai and got extremely furious. Instead of his eyes turning red like Kirihara, it turned into a gold with a tint of red in it.