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This page is official Prince of Tennis Fanfiction Wiki policy.

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The Prince of Tennis Fanon Wikia is for all fans of "Prince of Tennis", created by Takeshi Konomi. Feel free to create and edit your own characters here. Do heed the rules and policies of this wiki to prevent yourself from getting banned or blocked.

System of BlockingEdit

Reasons for getting blockedEdit

  • Vandalism
  • Cursing/Swearing at other users
  • Spam
  • Copying other's work without their permission

Blocking PeriodsEdit

  • 1st Time - Warning.
  • 2nd Time - Block for one day.
  • 3rd Time - Block for one week
  • 4th Time - Block for 1 year.
  • 5th Time - Banned Forever.


English is the preferred language for communication in the Prince of Tennis Fanon Wiki. For skills for characters, you may use Japanese, both Romanji and Kanji. If you need help in translating english to japanese or vice-versa, here is a site suggested Nihongo Dict.

Preferred LayoutEdit

In order to make things simple, here is a layout that users can use for their characters, teams or places.


Note: An example would be Seishin Ryuuki.

  1. Appearance - A section to describe the appearance of your character. Some things you might want to include would be their hair colour, their eye colours and the clothes they wear.
  2. Personality - A section dedicated to telling the reader more about how your character feels about some things. A tip I learned from an admin on another site is to use past experiences to tell more about your character.
  3. History - Basically, the history of your character. What happened during his childhood, how did he get into the school, how he learned to like tennis.
  4. Plot - The roleplays they take part in, and certain arcs that focus on your characters.
  5. Equipment - Their tennis rackets, good luck charms and any sort of things they usually bring along with them.
  6. Techniques - Their tennis techniques, such as Tsubame Gaeshi and Tezuka Zone.
  7. Behind The Scenes - Their apperance based off what character, how their techniques came to you, when you thought of creating that character.


While Canon characters are allowed, try to not alter their information too much. An example would be saying that Kaido can easily beat Tezuka after intense training. Canon teams are also allowed, however, it will be a sitewide canon group, meaning you'll be able to join if you get approval from the users who have the current members of the team.

End MessageEdit

Basically, this wiki is here for you to have fun and create your own characters! Roleplay with other users and see which team emerges as the champions!